Freeride Spirit - Off Road & On Road Adventure tours in Portugal

In the heart of it all is the passion for adventure and motorbike sports.

And with a perfect location for it. Portugal! One of the top travel destinations in the world, yet maintaining a perfect balance between nature, people, traditions and historical landmarks. The mountains and the sea are a part of us.

Freeride Spirit was created to fill the need to escape the routine and to be with the nature at its wildest. For all motorbike aficionados, that crave for great adventures, in great landscapes on top class motorcycles. We trail unbeaten paths and love to share it, so we made it our motto.




We’re specialized in Enduro, Mountain Bike and Trail Running, and we offer a wide variety of tours through some of the most interesting and beautiful places in the north of Portugal, such as: Costa Verde where Serra d’Arga stands, named by many as the ideal venue for off road sports; Douro, this enchanted valley with its vineyards covering the steps carved on its winding slopes, and one of the top travel destinations in the world; Gerês, a sanctuary for wildlife; and finally Porto, a vibrant destination, host of the prelude of the most thrilling enduro races in the world, the Extreme XL Lagares.

We have also launched a brand new range of On Road bike tours, that brings together the passion for motorsports and the discovery of Portugal’s most beautiful landscapes and locations while riding in the latest KTM adventure bikes.

Rediscover the passion for adventure, overcome challenges and test your limits.

Welcome to the Freeride Spirit family.



Welcome to the Freeride Spirit family.


Former professional Enduro pilot with proven credentials, João Roxo is well known in the world of motorsports for the trophies and experience he collected over two decades.

In 1994, he began his motor racing adventure; four years later, he won the prestigious Husaberg trophy and was runner-up in the Portuguese Enduro championship. In 2002 he reached the zenith of his career by winning a silver medal at the most important event in the enduro racing calendar, the International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE), held in the Czech Republic.

The creation of Freeride Spirit marks the beginning of a new chapter in João Roxo’s career; it now focuses on sharing his passion for offroad sport and On Road tours in Portugal.


Porto International Airport was awarded as the third best medium size airport in Europe, one among many details that make Porto more appealing.

Currently 20 airlines, among them several low-cost airlines, operate from Porto Airport, flying to 78 destinations, transporting over 6.4 million passengers a year.

A short commute separates the airport from the city centre where you can find our head office and Porto Guesthouse, and just 40 minutes from our other basecamps, in Minho, north of Porto.